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Function Rooms In Tyldesley Rugby Union Club

Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Function Rooms In Tyldesley Rugby Union Club, Rugby |

The Tyldesley rugby club’s not only for the rugby football use, this also has a function room available for parties, weddings, engagement, christening and any other occasions, the main function room is capable of holding 100 people on functions, prices vary in every special season and occasion such as Christmas or in the new year’s eve. The function room is 20ft 40ft in size. It is the best advice to see the function room before booking to know the capacity of how many people are to be invited and to be able to prepare the things needed such as for the sounds and bands, the function room is open for checking everyday from 1pm to 9pm.


Bookings and reservations may only be confirmed and accepted upon the receipt of the full payment which cost £50 without any exception. The club implements booking conditions and restrictions through a damage guarantee bond for the unruly guests. The club does not have their own catering team so it is advised for you to arrange your own catering but the club offers free use of kitchen facilities for cooking, storing and warming food. Guests under 18 are welcome in using and in accessing any area of the function room, but the snooker table is just for the members’ use.

Function1The function room is open for any decoration as long as it’s during the normal opening hours but it is prohibited to affix nails and pins on the walls to avoid damages to the wallpaper and décor.

Tyldesley rugby club function room is a licensed establishment given the condition that only the drinks that are available on the premises are allowed to be consumed, so to bring your own beverage is strictly prohibited and do allow the occasional check to ensure that rules are being followed, if not, the club has all the rights to cancel the event even if without your notice. Children need to be accompanied by their parents in roaming around the club to avoid any incident; youngsters are then required to be supervised by the responsible adults inside the function room. The person who booked the event is the one responsible in maintaining the manners and behavior of the guests, making necessary provisions for the follow up cleaning of the function room.

Tyldesley1These rules and conditions are being implemented and must be done to have a peaceful event in the benefit of everybody, the club and the guests. Being a licensed establishment, rules are being set legally that any violations may lead to legal sanctions, making the function room a great place to celebrate special occasions and seasons in a safe and decent venue. Gaming facilities are also available like the snooker, jackpot machine, darts and dominoes, the function room is best in any kind of celebration whether it is a formal or disco. Book now and let Tyldesley rugby football club’s function room be your net venue for all the fun and excitement.

History Of Tyldesley Rugby Union Football Club

Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Rugby, The Tyldeslley Rugby Club |

Tyldesley was a now-defunct, semi-professional rugby football club in England. They were called The Mighty Bongers. It was based in Tyldesley, Greater Manchester, England, in a town with an approximate population of 35,000 inside the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan. In olden times, it is a component of Lancashire, England. The club was basically formed at the historic meeting that was held in the George Hotel in Huddersfield, England, in 1895.


And after the division, the Tyldesley rugby football club basically became the founding members of the then Northern Rugby Football Union (which is now at the present time called Rugby Football League) where they have participated in five seasons during the 1895–1896 and 1899–1900 seasons. In 1881, the first Tyldesley rugby club was formed after the meeting between businessmen and ruby participants and after coming to an agreement to move to Tyldesley from Garrett Hall then eventually turned out to be the Tyldesley Football Club.

d2dzjyo4yc2sta.cloudfront.net12312eqwdTwo noteworthy items in the early days of Tyldesley rugby club during the first period playing under Rugby Football Union rules are:

First, the Tyldesley rugby club signed then future England halfback, John “Buff” Berry, from the Kendal Hornets in 1891 going to win caps for England during his time in Tyldesley. Second, Berry played for Tyldesley club following the Northern Union rules as a standoff half.

Previous to the Great Schism, the Tyldesley rugby club underwent reprimand by the RFU (Rugby Football Union) for payments of “broken time.” Due to this, the Tyldesley club, with a representative by the name of Mr. G. Taylor, attended a conference at the George Hotel in Huddersfield, England, with the other legislative body of 21 clubs, and established to create the Northern Rugby Football Union.

070611114647After the Great Schism in 1895, the Tyldesley rugby club became one of the founding participants of the new association. In 1895–1896, during the first season, the league consisted of 22 clubs with Tyldesley in the respectable 6th position.

In the 1896–1897 season, the league was separated into two divisions: Lancashire and Yorkshire, with Tyldesley part of the first division until it ended its semi-professional career. They still had quite an impressive season though ranking 3rd of all the participating teams.

Throughout the 1897–1898 and 1898-1899 seasons, while still playing in the Lancashire division, they have only achieved the ranking of 12th of all the participating teams.

d2dzjyo4yc2sta.cloudfront.netDuring the last season of 1899–1900, they became victor winning the wooden spoon, finishing 14th, only acquiring five points finishing with two wins and a draw.

During the 1900s, specifically in the 1901–1902 season, there was no more word or news of this particular rugby club, so it was presumed that they did not make the cut in the top ranks. Eventually, the club made its return in 1911 becoming the first club to fruitfully return to the Rugby Union code after participating in the Northern Union citing the reason of “cost prove too much of a burden in the professional game.”


Latest Coaching News From The Tyldeslley Rugby Club

Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Rugby, The Tyldeslley Rugby Club |

For the 2014-2015 season, the Tyldesley Rugby Union Football Club have acquired two new additions: a new club forwards coach and a club coaching coordinator.

The Tyldesley Rugby Union Football Club is pleased to publicize that their new forwards coach and club coaching coordinator is Howard Lycett for this season (2014-2015), working together with their current head coach, Phil Johnson, working hand in hand with new first team manager, Stephen “Legs” Lloyd.


Howard Lycett began playing in the rugby union at Tyldesley Rugby Union Football Club during the 1970s also played the rugby league at the Bedford High School in Manchester Road, United Kingdom back in the days. In 1977, Howard Lycett joined the army while playing and coaching rugby union at the same time at the unit and joint service level.

13iht-rugby13-australia-superJumboHoward then arranged for the first interservices Rugby League match­ (army vs. royal air force) since National Service days, then played and coached at the same time at the rugby league for the army and the joint services. He was a player-coach for the joint services tour to Morocco. Howard then left the army in 2001 and started coaching the 13’s team and ladies team at Leigh RUFC.

He also coached for the Culcheth Eagles Rugby League for some time until he became an assistant coach at Leigh Rugby Union Football Club. He then gained level 2 rugby union badges and became 3 unions coach educator who trains the young would-be coaches. He also was one of the coaches at the North West Schools of Rugby at Sale Sharks. Howard has also worked previously with the England Under 20 Women’s Development as part of the their talent development group. Howard also participates in the process of selection in assessing of new players joining the North Under 15/18 girls squads.


Howard Lycett has a wife with two kids, two grandchildren, and a deaf Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Also, Howard, runs ten miles three times a year for the Parachute Regiment Charity. With his addition and his experience, the Tyldesley Rugby Union Football Club is truly excited to have him with this this playing season.

This is to prove that Tyldesley rugby club is doing their best to promote the best rugby experience for all the players and personnel, looking for a professional coach that will be an effective influence to its players, since Lycett had a military training for joining the army, he may then use the essence of discipline to be implemented to the training procedures he will work with the team. Lycett has the qualifications of training both men and women, maximizing his capacity in doing so, he would be a big asset to the club. An experienced rugby player who may leave his legacy with the team, knowing that coach plays a very vital role in every player, it is best to choose the ones who has all the qualifications to train the team with all expertise and compassion, this is what the Tyldesley rugby club aims for.

Rugby Club Breakups – Union vs League

Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Rugby, Rugby Club Breakups |

Many people who are fond of rugby are fully aware of the division of clubs that what was once a single unit, when it got formed more than a century ago. Officially formed in 1871, the RFU or the Rugby Football Union got into several disputes with other parties. The dispersal of the clubs happened more than twenty years after its official formation.


The meeting for its dispersal started in George Hotel, because they cannot come into terms about compensating players for the lost wages while they are playing the game. From various divisions that happened, 22 clubs were formed and organized their own competitions, under the Northern Rugby Union, which then they took on a new name with the Rugby League in the year 1922. The league, in the span of 3 years, was able to practice open professionalism, under its strict condition that all players of the club have other more stable jobs. Once this has taken effect, various clubs have to take money through their turnstiles in order to pay for the player’s wages. The game should be a good appeal to the public who are also paying for it. This is the reason why they attempted to develop set of rules that encourages more fluidity and open style in playing the rugby game. Both the union and league have similar codes to follow in the game, but there are differences as well.


There were rumors regarding how the league is supposed to disappear when the union became professional, but the league’s roots goes back way many decades ago, and has rooted themselves that erasing them from history is near impossible. Super League games have international fame all over the world, including the Serbia, Lebanon and Australia, three places that are highly unexpected of active Rugby activity. It even has a strong presence in New Zealand. Although with all the bragging, the league is still a smaller sized game compared to the union when it comes to worldwide terms, like in the UK, with lesser financial clout. The Rugby union is considered both an amateur and professional game, dominated by its union first tier such as Wales, South Africa, Scotland, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, Argentina, and France among others. Thereare also the second and third tier countries in the union, too.


All over the world, rugby has evolved into its own style, such as in the US and Canada where they call is gridiron football. Still, it was based on the union and league codes, which were apart of each other and at the same time similar. There were certain codes that were wiped out from the basic codes such as getting rid of 2 players, thus reducing it to 13, especially the lineouts. The rugby union also phased out the scrums, mauls and rucks. In the hundred years of rugby’s existence, the league remained openly professional while the union was amateur. But this changed when the union went professional back in 1995, and has broken barriers, bringing back the old stars of the game such as Lestyn Harris and Robinson.